Municipal Law & Permitting

My municipal law practice includes the following services:

  • Land use permitting before all boards representing applicants or abutters
  • Licensing matters
  • Bylaw and warrant article drafting
  • Special counsel to land use permitting boards

The world of municipal permitting can be confusing to those who are not familiar with it, or have never had to deal with it. This confusion can be magnified by the myriad deadlines and appeal processes that can impact any project.

municipal law firm lawyers South Shore Plymouth Pembroke Hanover MAMy experience in this area of law is broad and multi-faceted. In my community, I have helped plan and implement zoning reform, and served on the Conservation Commission, the Board of Selectmen, the Housing Partnership, the Community Preservation Committee and the Master Plan Committee. I have also served as special counsel to a local Planning Board for hearings related to that community’s first proposed mixed-use project.

Plymouth South Shore Municipal lawyers Norwell Scituate MAHaving served on both sides of the permitting table, I offer client representation before all municipal land use boards. I have a network of other professionals (land surveyors, coastal engineers, wetlands specialists) to call upon to provide clients with the necessary team to address a permitting issue. I have represented landowners, developers and both single abutters and abutter/neighborhood groups.

The world of municipal permitting can be very confusing and there can be multiple time lines and routes of appeal involved in a given project. I stand ready to assist you in navigating through this thick forest of regulations and procedures.

Please contact us today to discuss your representation needs before a municipality.