My mediation practice includes the following services:

  • Divorce mediation
  • Estate mediation
  • Municipal permitting dispute mediation
  • Real estate dispute mediation

Mediation is a method of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) that has become an integral part of our legal system. Everyone, especially the courts, is seeking new, effective and less costly ways to resolve disputes. I have over thirty years of legal practice experience, and have worked with many ADR methods since their introduction into modern litigation.

Plymouth Mediation services South Shore Marshfield Hanover MAIt takes the right attitude and approach for a successful mediation effort, and I can provide that. Mediation is a process that allows all parties to come to a resolution that will, in the long run, be better for all. The mediation process ensures that all parties are invested in, and agree to, the final outcome.

Many courts now integrate a mediation process into the litigation process, so it is important for you to have an attorney that is familiar and comfortable with mediation. In divorce proceedings, a mini-mediation is mandatory before the pre-trial conference. This is referred to as a “4-way” meeting, which will include the two litigants and their attorneys.

Divorce is one of the most emotional legal proceedings you can be involved in, and mediation is often the best way to back away from the “slash and burn, winner-take-all” mentality of trial. Mediation, when entered into with a willingness to come to a compromise and make a good faith effort, is frequently the best approach for all parties.

Kingston Mediation services Duxbury Pembroke Hanover MAWhen I provide mediation services, I do not represent either side. I sit with both sides to help them come to agreement on all the necessary asset and debt division and child-related issues. Once an agreement is reached, I will prepare all the necessary paperwork and send the parties to the Probate and Family Court for approval.

Mediation is not limited to divorce proceedings. I also provide mediation to willing parties to resolve estate-related disputes, real estate disputes, title and boundary disputes, as well as municipal permitting matters. Mediation is particularly effective in municipal permitting disputes rather than waiting out the appeals process. This is especially true where there are two private parties, landowner and abutters, involved, as well as the municipal permitting board.

 If you are looking to avoid a going to court and save on your legal expenses, mediation may be the perfect solution. Contact me today to discuss your situation.