Litigation & Appeals

My litigation and appeals practice includes the following services:

  • Litigation of civil, non-personal injury matters and disputes in the Probate & Family Court, Superior Court, District Court, and Land Court
  • Appeals of any litigated matter
  • Appeals of domestic relations matters referred by other trial counsel


It is common knowledge that we live in a litigious society. Whenever a dispute reaches this stage, it is my job to handle it in as efficient a manner as possible. Emotions often run high, and you need an experienced litigation and appeals lawyer to advise you and represent you with vigor and competence. My many successful years of experience in a wide range of civil litigation will ensure that you achieve the best outcome possible.

My approach to litigation is that one should first enter into it with eyes wide open, recognizing its pros and cons. Many attorneys do not feel comfortable in the courtroom litigating a case, but prefer to limit their practice to transactional work and I welcome referrals of litigation matters. I am comfortable in the courtroom, and have handled many cases both through trial and to appeal.

Having that experience, I must tell you that litigation is an inefficient and frustrating way to settle disputes. Although statutes dictate timelines when a case is filed, you can be sure that there will be delays, multiple (costly) court appearances and scheduling issues on the way to trial that will likely extend the whole affair at least a year or more. This is before any appeals process.

That having been said, I assure you that I will not approach your case with a compromising or negative view. At times, litigation is the only tool available to you. When exercised with a clear strategy, careful thinking and proper preparation, it can be a very successful and vindicating tool. I have no problem going to the mat for you. I only want you to recognize that litigation must be approached realistically, and not reflexively.

Many attorneys will handle initial litigation, but shy away from handling appeals. I accept referrals from my colleagues of domestic relations and municipal permitting appeals.

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