Domestic Relations/Family Law

My family law practice includes the following services:
South Shore MA Family Law Lawyers Attorneys Law Firm Kingston MA

  • Divorce — contested and uncontested
  • Post-divorce contempt and modification
  • Custody, support, parenting plan issues (married, out-of-wedlock)
  • Restraining orders
  • Dealing with DCF
  • Divorce mediation

Domestic relations law has become a substantial part of my practice. I am active most notably in the Plymouth and Norfolk County courts, but also handle matters in Suffolk, Bristol, Barnstable and Middlesex Counties.

These types of matters are often emotional and highly-charged. I find that many people come into these cases with unrealistic notions or too many stories of how a friend’s case went and “please get me the same result as my friend did.” While working in the best interests of yourself and children and providing understanding and compassionate representation, I do not sugar-coat and do not shy away from providing the very necessary reality checks that the Court will also ultimately provide.

Child custody divorce child support family lawyer law attorney Plymouth South Shore MAThe emotions of these cases often cloud the wider picture and what the post-litigation world and future will be like, especially when children are involved. You will find in me in these cases a combination of your sounding board, your determined advocate, your pit bull when needed, but also your reality checker and pragmatist, with the intended results of fair agreements and judgments and coming out of the other side with a vision for a new future.

Mediation services for those at or near agreement are also offered, and this is an increasing part of my practice. With willing parties, a negotiated agreement is always a better alternative than litigation.
If you find yourself in a divorce, post-divorce or parenting dispute situation, there is no more personal or direct area of law you will ever be involved in. It is important to have as your family law attorney someone knowledgeable of the law and the courts, and who can also provide understanding of the difficult emotional issues involved. My goal is always to represent you vigorously in the best interests of yourself and children, but more importantly help get you through a tough time.