Business Law

My business law practice includes the following services:Scituate Duxbury business law firm South Shore MA

  • Formation of your business& creation of corporations, LLCs and partnerships
  • Review & drafting of contracts, agreements and other forms
  • Negotiation and litigation of business disputes
  • Counseling on litigation avoidance and best practices

One of the true joys of my practice is getting to work with small businesses, especially those who are just starting on their entrepreneurial adventure. Their enthusiasm is infectious. However, before they leap in with both feet, it is my responsibility to be sure they know what they are jumping into, to educate them as to what they need to do to protect themselves, and how best to set themselves up for success.  Having a business law attorney can save your company a lot of headaches and money down the road.

There are multiple steps required to form a business. One of the very first ones is to determine what form of organization your new venture should adopt. Any business, no matter the size, the product, or the service, should be legally organized so as to separate personal assets from those of the business, and to protect those personal assets from any adverse impacts from the business. I will make sure to understand your business, your goals, and your plans, and, based on this information, help you choose the business entity that is right for you, in a team approach with your accountant as well.

Marshfield Pembroke business law firm Kingston Norwell MAOther than choosing the right entity, having the appropriate documentation in your business operations is critical to your success, and in avoiding conflict. I will ensure that you have the proper procedures and documentation in place. I will also review any contractual documents, and will be pro-active in creating agreements and forms that can help you avoid disputes with customers and business partners.  When operating a small business, simple, pro-active steps, taken from the beginning, can avoid a multiplicity of issues later. My intent is to be a critical part of your team, providing timely, appropriate legal advice to allow you to avoid the many pitfalls that can affect any new, or even establSouth Shore Business Law Firm Plymouth Hanover Hingham MAished business.

In today’s hyper-competitive market-place, a large percentage of my litigation practice involves business-to-business disputes. I will provide vigorous and diligent prosecution or defense of the claim on your behalf, tempered with the appropriate pragmatic business sense to ensure we make the smart legal AND business decision for you, so that good money does not continue to follow bad.